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Rise N Shine Studio

       by Melissa Vaughan


While growing up, Melissa's dad would say "rise and shine" to her and her sister every morning. Little did she know how this simple phrase would impact her future. When faced with adversity throughout life these words would always come to mind, reminding her not to allow circumstances to dictate her fate. Instead, she would rise above it all and shine her light in the world.

She created her jewelry line in 1995 during one of those adverse times in life and then later renamed the line "Rise N Shine." She renamed it because she wanted the line to be more than just jewelry, she wanted it to be an inspiration to women everywhere.

Throughout the years her jewelry has been just that, an inspiration. ​Her jewelry has been worn from New York to LA. It has been worn by everyone from brides to Mardi Gras Queens, from fashion industry leaders to school teachers, from a former Miss America to a Governor's wife.

Her hope is that when you wear her jewelry you remember that it isn't just a piece of jewelry you are wearing. You are wearing a reminder to yourself that you are beautiful and strong. She hopes that her jewelry serves as a conversation starter for you so you can share your story with others and spread your light.

Whether you're out on the town or wearing your favorite pair of jeans remember to enjoy the jewelry and the journey.....Always Rise N Shine!

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